Endowed Chairs

F.B. Williams Professor of Chemistry — Mr. Frank B. Williams, of New Orleans, in 1922, gave funds for the purpose of endowing the chair of chemistry in the University.

Francis S. Houghteling Professor of American History — Mrs. James L. Houghteling, in 1923, began endowment of a chair in American history in memory of her son, an alumnus of the University and a one-time instructor in the college.

Annie Overton Brinkley Snowden Professor of Forestry and Geology
— In 1928, Mr. Bayard Snowden of Memphis, Tennessee, an alumnus of the University, endowed a chair of forestry as a memorial to his mother.

Jesse Spalding Professor of English Literature
— In 1928, Mrs. Hugh McK. Landon of Indianapolis, Indiana, endowed a chair of English in memory of her father, a devoted churchman of Chicago.

William Henderson Professor of Biology — 
A portion of the estate of Miss Sarah F. Henderson of New Orleans came to the University in 1951 to establish the William Henderson professorship in memory of her brother.

Brown Foundation Fellow
— The Brown Foundation Tutorial Fellowship was established in 1971 by a gift from the Brown Foundation of Houston, Texas. An endowed fund enables the University to appoint distinguished scholars to teach for a limited period of time in one of the disciplines represented in the College of Arts and Sciences.

William R. Kenan Jr. Professor
—  Without specifying the field of study, the trustees of Kenan Charitable Trust of North Carolina endowed this chair in 1980 to recognize excellence in teaching and scholarship.

John D. MacArthur Assistant Professor
— The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation of Chicago established a professorship in 1981 to assist in bringing new and promising faculty members to the college in any academic field.

Alfred Walter Negley Professor of Political Science
— The Brown Foundation of Houston, Texas, established the Alfred Walter Negley Chair in Political Science in 1982 in honor of the late Mr. Negley, a graduate of the Sewanee Military Academy, who had been active in civic and political affairs in Texas.

Frank W. Wilson Chair of Political Economy
— Established by the Tonya Memorial Foundation of Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1985, this chair honors the memory of Frank W. Wilson who served as Federal District Judge of the Eastern District of Tennessee until his death in 1982.

Ralph Owen Distinguished Professor of Economics
— Commemorating her husband's career in business and active life in the church, Mrs. Ralph Owen and her family established this professorship honoring Ralph "Peck" Owen, of Nashville, Tennessee, in 1985.

Ogden D. Carlton II Distinguished Professor
— This chair was established in 1988 by Mr. Ogden D. Carlton II "to enable the University to take advantage of special opportunities to strengthen the college's academic programs by attracting scholars and teachers of distinction to the University." The appointment may be in any discipline taught in the college.

Nick B. Williams Professor of English
— The Nick B. Williams Professorship in English was established in 1989 by the Harry and Grace Steele Foundation of California to honor Mr. Nick B. Williams, a distinguished journalist who was an alumnus of the college in the class of 1926.

Gaston Swindell Bruton Professor of Mathematics
— The Gaston Swindell Bruton Chair in Mathematics was established in 1989 by friends and former students of Dr. Bruton to recognize his longtime service to the University as professor and administrator.

David Edward Underdown Chair of Modern European History
— This chair was established in 1991 by Gerald L. De Blois, Class of 1963, in honor of Professor David Edward Underdown who taught in the Department of History from 1953-62.

Carl Gustav Biehl Jr. Chair of International Studies
— Two chairs in international studies were established by the Biehl family in 1993 to commemorate the distinguished career of Carl Gustav Biehl Jr., a noted international businessman.

Tom Costen Chair in Physics
— This chair, established in 1994 by an anonymous donor, honors U.S. Navy Lt. William T. "Tom" Costen who was shot down in the early hours of the Gulf War in January 1991. A St. Louis native, Costen graduated in 1985 with a bachelor's degree in physics.

Robert M. Ayres Jr. Distinguished University Chair
— Established in 2000, by a gift from Gerald L. De Blois, Class of 1963, to honor the thirteenth vice-chancellor of the University of the South. This chair may be held by a distinguished member of the faculty in either the College of Arts and Sciences or The School of Theology.

Samuel R. Williamson Distinguished University Chair
— Established in 2000 to honor the fourteenth vice-chancellor of the University of the South. This chair may be held by a distinguished member of the faculty in either the College of Arts and Sciences or the School of Theology.

Class of 1961 Chair of the College
— The Class of 1961 Chair of the College, awarded for the first time in 2002, was the result of a dedicated fundraising effort, spearheaded by Frank Pendleton, Class of 1961, in preparation for the fortieth reunion of their class. Assisting Pendleton were fellow classmates Edwin Williamson and Tom Kandul. Class members chose to endow a chair at Sewanee because of their belief in the power of Sewanee faculty to transform lives and in recognition of the need to provide strong support of this work. The class raised just over $1 million to endow this faculty chair.