For Fast Reference:

Academic Helpline:             598-1187

Campus Police:                    598-1111

Faculty Helpdesk:                598-1369

Library & Research Help:   598-1368

Student Helpdesk:               598-1020

University Counseling:         598-1325

University Health Service:    598-1270

Writing Center:                      598-3232

And for more, see below....

Maximizing Opportunities
Because The University of the South challenges students, the transition from secondary school to Sewanee can be both dramatic and unsettling.  Many kinds of help are available.  Such as:

One-to-one faculty student interaction

Sewanee faculty members expect students to come to their offices for assistance.

Faculty tutorials and help sessions

Many faculty schedule optional group sessions to help students master a particular topic or understand background information.

Regularly scheduled tutoring

The departments of classical languages, chemistry, economics, French, German, mathematics and computer science, philosophy, physics, and Spanish hire Sewanee students to help other students.

The Writing Center

Most courses at Sewanee, including mathematics and science, require a significant amount of writing.  Fourteen student tutors representing a wide range of majors help Sewanee students with rough drafts, final drafts, and revisions. Call 598-3232 for an appointment.

The University Counseling and Health Services

Library Help and Support

Academic Computing

Computer laboratories are located throughout the campus and open to students when not reserved for a class. The laboratory in the Academic Technology Center (ATC) on the ground floor of duPont Library includes a help desk that is open every day and most evenings. Students needing help with software or their own computers should contact the Student Helpdesk or visit the Student Technology Assistants located next to the Writing Center in the ATC Lab. Student help desk: 598-1020 or
Reading skills workshops

At the beginning of each semester an optional week long workshop by Baldridge Reading and Study Skills or Learning Skills-Correct Read is offered on campus at a cost of about $175. For more information call 598-1187.

Students helping other students

Sewanee students often help one another gain a better understanding of a particular topic. Occasionally a student in difficulty will pay another student for systematic tutoring over a longer period of time. In all cases students are expected to consider the Sewanee Honor Code. When in doubt the students consult the faculty member to make sure the help offered is appropriate.

Academic Advisers

Each entering student is assigned an adviser, who may also be the professor of that student’s First Year Program course. First year advisees live in the same residence hall with their assistant proctor, who serves as a conduit to their adviser and suggests ways to balance academic and social opportunities. Students learn early to seek advice from both their adviser and their AP.

Time Management

The large number of academic, athletic, social and service activities available at Sewanee makes time management essential. Sewanee faculty and staff, including coaches and chaplains, are eager to talk with students about particular challenges and to help them develop a workable strategy to maximize their talents and opportunities. Do call, email or visit.