"All students are expected to give thoughtful consideration to the selection of courses before consulting their faculty advisor. Further, individual students assume full responsibility for compliance with all academic requirements."


The policies described on this site can also be found in the printed Catalog and Policies 2010-2011 of the College of Arts and Sciences.  Or on the web here: Catalog

The statement above on student responsibility is taken from a section of the Catalog called Registration. Students should learn the requirements for graduation and for their major, understand the policies that inform registration and what it means to stay in good academic standing, establish their own learning goals, and take responsibility for their choices. 

The Policies section of the Academics web site aims to help motivated students succeed at Sewanee. The essential page called Academic Progress specifies how many courses you must take and pass, and what grade point averages are required,  to continue at Sewanee.  The section called FERPA describes the law about the privacy of academic records and the right to see your own record