Eight Keys to Academic Success

1.  Understand grades
2.  Register and drop with the Registrar
3.  Pay attention to deadlines
4.  Know the academic rules
5.  Know the options
6.  Follow the Honor Code!
7.  Read official e-mail
8.  Seek help when you need it

1.  Understand that grades may be used to challenge students to perform at a higher level.
Grading may seem more rigorous at Sewanee than in high school or in schools your friends may attend.

2.  Register for classes and drop classes properly (on the Banner system).
Students do not earn credit for classes for which they do not register.  Likewise, they must receive a grade for a class in which they are registered, even if they never participated.  Neglecting to drop a course may result in an F or WF on your transcript!

3.   Pay attention to College deadlines.
Each student should abide by all deadlines or work through the appropriate channels in advance in the case of extenuating circumstances to make sure that a deadline waiver is in effect. Most important deadlines are published in the Academic Calendar (see especially Student Deadlines) and in the Sewanee Day Planner, which is given to every student.  Such deadlines include those for:
  • Dropping a class with no record at all (not so important because the W assigned after that date does not count in the grade point average)
  • Dropping a class with a W (very important because the WF assigned after that date counts as though it were an F)
  • Adding a class without justification and a financial penalty
  • Declaring a course pass/fail (or reversing pass/fail status)
  • Declaring a major
  • Declaring a minor or concentration
  • Submitting work at the end of a semester.
  • Requesting portability of financial aid for study abroad and declaring intent to do such study. (See the Study Abroad website). 
  • Withdrawal from the College (Students cannot officially withdraw from a term after the term has ended on the last day of classes).

4.  Avoid academic suspension by knowing what it takes to be retained as a student in the college.

See the section of this site on Academic Progress. All degree-seeking students must be registered full-time in all semesters of attendance.  
  • Earn acceptable grades (1.20 for freshmen, 1.60 for sophomores, 1.80 for junior, and 1.90 for seniors).
  • Pass at least three courses in a semester. 
  • Pass at least seven full courses in an academic year (fall term plus spring term). 
Students with satisfactory grades but who get in trouble because of the “seven course rule” may be allowed to take a Sewanee summer school course to make up for the shortfall.  However, Sewanee summer school coursework must always be added to that for the preceding two semesters (not to the following). In other words, a student with extra hours (e.g., earlier summer school or AP credit) is not exempt from meeting the basic progress standards.   Courses taken at another institution or even in a Sewanee off-campus program are not among those counted when a student has been placed on temporary suspensionary status.
  • Freshmen are required to pass at least two courses first semester and no less than five for the year.  
  • There is no official appeal process once a student is placed on academic suspension.  

5.  Know that certain academic policies exist purely to help individual students who will use them—e.g., pass/fail opportunities; repeating a course in which the first grade was below a C-; Leave of Absence; those related to Study Abroad.  See the College Catalog for more information. 

6.  Remain vigilant in the observance of the Honor Code

The Code itself specifies that an academic violation
will lead to suspension from the College.

7. Read e-mail from key offices: Registrar, Associate Dean, Dean of the College, Dean of Students, Financial Aid.
These messages may come from jdwells, pwiley, ljones, dparker, cchurch, jogatta, ehartman, kbrown, bcragar, dbarry, finaid.

8.  Seek help.
Know where to go to find out answers to questions.  More detailed information available in the College Catalog, the Sewanee Day Planner, or the Parents Handbook may help.  Faculty advisers may also be excellent resources.  In the Associate Dean of the College Office (for Academic Affairs), Larry Jones, can be reached at ljones@sewanee.edu  or 931-598-1177 to answer questions about any of the above.