China Summer Program


The China Summer Program 2014 provides a unique opportunity for students to experience first hand the economic transition and market reform that are taking place in China. This four-hour study abroad program consists of one academic course in economics to be taught by Professor Yasmeen Mohiuddin. The program would particularly serve sophomores and juniors, but all students are welcome.

Econ. 345: Economic Development in China
— A study of the nature of the 'development' problem and of policy issues facing the heterogeneous category of developing economies focuses on the contemporary Chinese economy, in transition and undergoing reform. Applies theoretical and fieldwork-based analysis to issues pertaining to agricultural and industrial development, income distribution and poverty alleviation, privatization and development of the market, labor markets and human capital formation, women's empowerment, and international trade.

No background in the Chinese language is required to participate in this program. The proposed program would be at least three weeks in duration. The program would involve about eight days of intensive study in Sewanee, about 10 days of field study in different regions of China, and three days of travel.

The China Summer Program can be combined with the Social Entrepreneurship Education (SEED) Program of training and internships for which some funding is available.

For further information, contact Professor Yasmeen Mohiuddin at 931.598.1462 or email: to set up an appointment with her.