European Studies


A Semester of Study in Britain and on the Continent offered by Rhodes College and The University of the South July 6 to October 25, 2014

OPTION ONE: Ancient Greece and Rome: The Foundations of Western Civilization
OPTION TWO: Western Europe in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
In the summer and fall of 2014, the University of the South and Rhodes College will offer a 16-week semester of study and travel abroad, in Britain and on the Continent. Students will choose to study either Ancient Greece and Rome or Western Europe in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Students will consider the period of their choice from a variety of perspectives, including art history; literature; intellectual, political, and social history; philosophy; and religion. The purpose of the course in its entirety is to provide an integrated and comprehensive cultural portrait of a period of major historical and cultural importance.

Places and Courses. In order to make the most effective and stimulating use of many excellent facilities, locations, and opportunities for learning, European Studies unfolds in four developing phases:

The University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee, July 6–25
Edinburgh, Scotland, August 8–10
The University of York/The University of Durham, August 10–17
Lincoln College, Oxford University, August 17–September 27 Instruction will be by British tutors.
Optional Excursion to Dublin, Ireland, September 5–7

Greece, The Eastern Aegean, and Italy: The Monuments and Centers of Classical Civilization (Option
One), or Great Cities of Western Europe (Option Two), September 27 to October 30.

OPTION ONE: A five-week tour of sites in Greece, Turkey, and Italy.
OPTION TWO: A five-week tour of sites in France, Italy, and Germany, both groups accompanied by British tutors in art history.
Credit. For satisfactory completion of the 16-week semester and all academic requirements, Rhodes College and the University of the South offer 18-semester hours of credit.

Admission. While most students will be from Rhodes College and the University of the South, students from other institutions are encouraged to apply. The program is co-educational and open to all students in all disciplines. Students should apply to the Office of European Studies, Rhodes College, 2000 North Parkway, Memphis, Tennessee 38112-1690.Telephone: 901.843.3403 or FAX: 901.843.3434.

Sewanee students should contact Larry Jones, Associate Dean of the College, 931.598.1177 or Mishoe Brennecke, 931.598.1982 or