Field Study in Belize 2014


Biology 251 (ENST 251) * May 24–June 3
An interdisciplinary field immersion into two of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on earth: coral reefs and tropical rainforests.

In this two week course, students spend equal time at two remote field stations in Belize: one on an island in the Belizean Barrier Reef and one in a rainforest location along a river in the interior part of the country. In transit from one location to the other, students spend an afternoon touring Mayan ruins and examining the Mayan legacy from an environmental perspective. Every day at each site is packed from early morning to well into the night with activities that allow students to intensely explore these unique environments. Students hike, snorkel, conduct ecological research, and sometimes just sit still and absorb the magic of the tropics. They meet indigenous people who live at these remote locations and learn how they use the natural environment as part of their daily lives.

The class has a prerequisite of Biology 241 (ENST 241) — Rainforests and Coral Reefs — offered in the Spring 2014 semester.
Limited financial aid is available for qualifying students. For further information contact Professor Jon Evans (