Summer in Asia Program 2014


The Summer in Asia Program 2014
is a truly unique program, without any parallel at any university in the U.S. or abroad. It provides an opportunity for students to have a life changing experience by witnessing first-hand the silent revolution in Bangladesh and other Asian countries that has enabled millions to get out of the vicious circle of poverty. The most distinguishing features of the trip are visits to the villages and homes of borrowers of the world-renowned and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winning Grameen Bank of Bangladesh; and field visits to UN projects focusing on economic and social development in remote areas. This four-hour study abroad program in Asia consists of one course in economics to be taught by Professor Yasmeen Mohiuddin.

Econ. 347: Microfinance Institutions in South Asia
— The course would provide an overview of the microfinance industry: its origins, evolution, theoretical underpinnings, and empirical evidence. It would focus on both the tools of microfinance operation, and on the basic issues and policy debates in microfinance, such as impact assessment, poverty targeting and measurement, and sustainability.

The proposed program would be at least three weeks in duration. The program would involve about eight days of intensive study in Sewanee, about 10 days of field study in Asia, and three days of travel.

The Summer in Asia Program can be combined with the Social Entrepreneurship Education (SEED) Program of training and internships for which some funding is available.

For further information, contact Professor Yasmeen Mohiuddin at 931.598.1462 or email: to set up an appointment with her.