Office of the Dean of the College

The Office of the Dean of the College is responsible for administering the academic policies of the College as they relate to students and faculty. The Office supports the teaching, scholarship, and service roles of faculty, coordinates the activities of academic departments, and helps to develop and monitor the budget of the College. The Office also administers international study programs, assists faculty in the identification of grant opportunities and in the preparation of grant proposals, and works with the faculty to shape the curriculum. The Dean’s Office also has a central role in the recruitment and evaluation of faculty.



    • John Gatta
      Dean of the College and Professor of English
      (931) 598-1248
    • Larry Jones
      Associate Dean of the College for Student Affairs and Professor of Biology
      (931) 598-1187
    • Cindy Church
      Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the College
      (931) 598-1248
    • Donna Jo Parker
      Office Program Specialist
      (931) 598-1187
    • Sonia Kay MacKenzie
      International and Academic Support Specialist
      (931) 598-1884
    • Richard G. Summers
      Associate Dean of the College for Faculty Affairs
      Associate Professor of Chemistry
      (931) 598-1917