External Reviews


1.    The department will collect relevant data from the past five years.  These will include but not be limited to the following:

Enrollment trends in the department in all courses as well as the major
Personnel changes and current curriculum vitae of faculty in the department
Grade reports
Curricular changes including changes in the major and comprehensives
Anticipated changes during the next five years

2.   If the department or program is part of the general education program, the reviewers should also:

Examine the goals or outcomes that inform the general education classes
Look at the course evaluations from the classes that count for distribution
Observe one or more classes if appropriate
Examine the method of embedded assessment used in the department
Discern the extent to which faculty see general education as part of their mission

3.    The department, in consultation with the Dean of the College, will propose at least two and no more than three external consultants who will come to campus for a visit of at least two full days.  The reviewers should be persons who teach at liberal arts colleges similar to Sewanee and/or persons teaching in graduate programs to which our students might apply.

4.    Well in advance of the on campus visit, the external consultants should be provided with copies of the materials referred to above.  They should also receive copies of relevant college publications.  The department should also identify issues that they would like the consultants to address.

5.    In arranging for the visit, care should be taken to provide time for the reviewers to visit with the Vice Chancellor, the Provost, and the Dean of the College.  Obviously, there should be ample time for conversations with the faculty in the department as well as with students.  Also, some time should be allotted for meetings with faculty in allied departments.

6.    The consultants will have separate exit interviews with the department and with senior administrators.

7.    The reviewers will submit a written report to the Dean of the College which will be shared with the department and with the Strategic Planning Committee.

8.    The department will be asked to respond in writing to the report of the reviewers.