Disability Accommodations

In accordance with the provisions of Sections 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the University seeks to provide disabled students with the reasonable accommodations needed to ensure equal access to the programs and activities of the college.  For more ...
Faculty should not accommodate students without seeing first their letter of accommodation from the Counseling Service that recommends specifically the kind of accommodation that is needed.  Faculty should:
  • Make a copy of the letter and note on the copy the date of receipt
  • Send any student who claims to need accommodation but does not have a letter to the Counseling Service
Learn what we tell students about our disability policies here.

Disability Accommodations for Extra Time on Exams
Students needing extra time on exams cannot always be placed comfortably in the faculty member’s office or in a nearby classroom.  For faculty who need to find other places, I have designated three locations for disability accommodations.  Each location has a contact person who should be given at least 48 hours notice.  If the room is already reserved or occupied during that time, the contact person should let you know.
Here are the basic steps:
1.  At least 48 hours in advance, let the contact person know that you will be sending a student (or students) there.  Provide her with the names of the students. Let her know whether to SPO the completed exam to you or hold it for pick up.
2. Provide the contact person with the exam or other materials she needs to give the student, if any.
3.  Inform the student of where to go, when to show up, and the name and office location of the contact person.
4.  The student reports to the contact person who will either provide the key to a room or show him/her to the location.
Location                                            Contact
Gailor                                                      Helen Stapleton, Language Lab, second floor
Language Lab                                      hfstaple   x 1468                        
duPont Library                                       Judy Rollins, duPont 105
                                                                 Jrollins  x 1265
Cleveland-Carnegie Annex                 Melinda Partin, Treasurer's Office, Carnegie 9
Seminar room on ground floor           mpartin  x 1260