Course Proposal

Proposing a New Course 

All new courses must be approved by the Curriculm and Academic Policy Committee.  In response to faculty concerns, the Committee is interested in trying to establish course offerings for each academic year as far in advance as possible.  To this end, faculty members are encouraged to propose new courses well in advance of the semester they intend to teach the course.

To propose a new course:

1.  Open the form below.
2.  Type the information into the new course electronic form.
3.  Rename and save the document with an appropriate abbreviation and number, e.g.,ENGL 382 or ANTH 378.
4.  Print the form and get the signature of the of the department chair.
5.  Send the electronic version, appropriately renamed, to cchurch as an e-mail attachment.
6.  SPO the hard copy, signed by the department chair(s),  to the Dean of the College.

The Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee meets the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wednesdays of each month when classes are in session.  Proposals will be added to the agenda in the order they are submitted.  Barring a backlog of business, proposals submitted by Monday of that week will be considered at the following Wednesday's meeting.  Courses approved by the Committee will then go to the College Faculty for a vote of approval.