Institutional Approval

Sponsored Research Office - Leigh Bowen Lentile, extension 1408

This form is required of all faculty members who are applying for external funds that will be received and/or disbursed by the University.  Following completion and submission of this form, the Sponsored Research Officer will seek the approval of the Dean of the College and the Provost.  These approvals are necessary before submitting the proposal.  If the proposal requires a letter of support or recommendation from the Dean or Provost, please contact the Sponsored Research Officer at least two weeks prior to the submission deadline.


  1. Complete this form.
  2. In the space provided please include any additional explanations.
  3. Please submit this form and your proposal to the Faculty Grants Office at least two weeks before the proposal must be submitted.
  4. If your project requires an unscheduled leave or course reduction, please contact your department chair for additional approval.
  5. If your proposal involves animal or human subject testing, you are responsible for obtaining the proper approvals from the appropriate faculty committees.
  6. Submit the form. You will receive a copy of the email that is generated that you can check for accuracy. Contact the sponsored research office if you see an error.


Curriculum Development
Contract for Services

course reduction or leave
additional staff
additional space
the renovation or ateration of existing space
cost sharing or matching funds
on-going operating expenses
the purchase of new equipment
animal subjects (need approval of IACUC)
human subjects (need approval of HIRB)

I have applied the University's approved F&A cost rate of 39.7% of all salaries and wages.
Proposal allows F&A costs but at a different rate than Sewanee requires.
This proposal does not allow F&A.
Salaries and benefits include 5% raises each year.
I have calculated benefits at the University approved rate.
Faculty supplemental funding; 16% used when award goes through the University.