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Listed below are guidelines for receiving financial support for travel to professional meetings in 2014-15, support available for those holding some form of faculty status beyond serving as course instructor
. In order to make it possible for me to estimate the year's expenditures, it is imperative that the attached form be returned to my office no later than September 30, 2014. Since you may not know the full details about the meeting(s) at this time, tentative plans are perfectly acceptable. Approval for funding to attend professional meetings during the fiscal year (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015) will normally be given only when the faculty member reads a paper, serves as chair or official discussant at a session, or presides as a general officer, but other participation can also be supported. The annual maximum for all such support is $2,000, so you need to tally for yourself what sort of meeting, or how many meetings, you could attend within this scope.

Please note that the $2,000 limit per person -- is an absolute limit.
  Fiscal limitations mean that if some people were to draw more than $2,000 for their travels, others might have to do without travel support altogether.

Guidelines are as follows:

1. Requests for financial support must be made prior to a professional meeting. The meeting should be that of a recognized organization in the faculty member's academic discipline or a conference of recognized standing.

2. If an advance is requested, this must be done in time for a check to be prepared according to regular procedures.

3. Within ten days of the faculty member's return from the meeting a full financial accounting must be made in writing, including amounts spent for travel, food, lodging, and registration fees. A travel expense report form must be completed separately for each professional meeting. Travel expense reports can be located on Public Information/Dean of the College folder/Forms.

4. In planning a trip to a professional meeting, a faculty member should take advantage, insofar as is possible, of special air rates such as supersaver fares. If several faculty members plan to attend the same meeting they should, as far as is practical, share transportation and accommodations where this will affect significant economies. Please request that the invoice be sent directly to you and then submit it with your other receipts for reimbursement.

5. Driving expenses, where a private car is used, will be reimbursed at the rate of .50 cents a mile; where a University car or mini-van is used the charge will be .56 cents a mile or .60 cents a mile for larger vans (11 passengers). Since the use of the University car is charged to Faculty Travel, this amount should be shown as an advance in your financial accounting. Arrangements for using a University car can be made through Physical Plant Services.

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P.S. The form which you should use for submission to the Dean is on the "Public Information" volume of the Angel net Server in the folder "Dean of the College"--"Forms"--named "Faculty Travel Request1415.

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