Every time you pick up your phone to make a long distance call, a call record is created and recorded. The call record contains the date, time of the call, duration, station, authorization code, number being called and the cost of the call. The billing cycle runs from the 22nd of one month to the 21st the following month. (Example: from July 22 to August 21). Do not pay from this detailed printout. There are three easy way to pay for your long distance charges:

  • Home bank checking account
  • Local Sewanee checking account
  • MasterCard or Visa.

You may review you bill online at the following website:

Your user ID and password along with your long distance code are sent to you via e-mail at the beginning of each school year.

Your current monthly charges will be bill to one of the above accounts. For domestic and international rate listing click here.

Miscellaneous Billing

We only charge for replacement of telephone equipment due to misuse. University owned telephones are repaired and replaced during the summer months. Students are expected to keep their university phones in good working order throughout the academic year. For additional information please call extension 1240.

Telephone Replacement Equipment Cost

  • Single-Line phone $50.00
  • 14 foot Line Cord $4.00
  • 25 foot Line Cord $5.00
  • 14 foot Handset Cord $7.00