Student Telephone Features

Additional Phone Features (Yearly one-time fee)

Caller ID  $15.00
Call Waiting  $15.00
Last Number Redial $10.00
Speed Dialing $10.00
Wake-Up Call $10.00
Feature Package (includes all the above) $50.00

Caller ID Requirements:

         Provide your own Caller ID capable phone

Caller ID Phone Requirements: 

  1. No voice mail capability-All students living on campus are required to use the University voice mail system and must turn off any voice mail capability on phones brought to campus.
  2. No cordless phones-We do not recommended cordless phones as the power going to those phones can damage the room jack. This can result in a damage fee being charged to the student.

       Type of phone models we recommend for Caller ID:

Durabrand PH-3238 13 Memory Caller ID Speakerphone
Panasonic 1-Line Corded Speakerphone with Caller ID
GE Caller ID Speakerphone

Feature Descriptions

Call Waiting

The Call Waiting feature notifies a user with an active call that another call is waiting to be answered on the same line.

Last Number Redial

The Last Number Redial feature automatically stores the last number that was dialed. The stored number can be redialed just by pressing a key on the multi-line sets.

Speed Dialing

The Speed Dialing feature allows a user to place calls by dialing a one to three digit code. The calls may be within or outside of the University telephone system.

Wake-Up Call

The Wake-Up Call feature allows up to four wake-up calls to be entered and allows for those calls to be repeated daily if desired. The wake-up call will ring three times and make three attempts before the scheduled time is deactivated until rescheduled.