Sewanee ID Card

Welcome to the Online SEWANEECard Office

You may also obtain the SEWANEECard, the official University of the South identification card from the SewaneeCard Center. WE HAVE MOVED....We are now located upstairs in the Comptel building which is behind the Bookstore. Take the sidewalk to the left of the Bookstore. You may also find us on Facebook 

Your SEWANEECard,is your ticket to a variety of services throughout campus. Dining plans, Tiger Dollars, Flex Dollars and key access are all accessible using your SEWANEECard,. Walking map to the ID card office (Telecommunications) or you may print a map by clicking here.


The SEWANEECard is available to all registered Sewanee students, full-time faculty, staff and eligible guests.



Card Fees

Replace lost or stolen card or damaged and Misused card                                                       $25.00

Damaged and Misused Cards: Cardholder damage or misuse includes, but not limited to, the following common cardholder errors: having the card go through the laundry (washer or dryer), leaving the card on any hot surface (car dashboard or windowsill exposed to intense sun, a stove or radiator), leaving the card on an electronic devise (a stereo), dropping the card in a puddle, using the card to pick a door jam lock, using the edge of the card as a screwdriver, and any alterations to the information on the card (trying to change your title, dept or an expiration date, etc...).

Terms and Conditions

Participation - The SEWANEECard program is open to all University of the South students, full-time faculty and staff.

Card Privileges- The SEWANEECard may be used only by the individual to whom it is registered and is not transferable.

SEWANEECard Photo Submission System

Please read over the guidelines and make sure you picture will be appropriate. You do not need to submit your photo if:

             You had your picture taken in the SEWANEECard ID office.

To submit your photo, please click the link below and following the guidelines.

Reporting a Lost Card

If you have lost your SEWANEECard (or you feel it has been stolen), you must report it as soon as possible. Please use one of the following methods:

In Person: You may stop by the SEWANEECard office during business hours to report a lost or stolen card and a new card may be issued right away.

By Phone: You may call the SEWANEECard office at ext. 1095 during business hours. Your card will be deactivated while you are on the phone. It will be necessary for your to drop by the SEWANEECard office to pick up your new card. If you call after business hours, your card will be deactivated the next business day.