wireless FAQ

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Can I print to a local printer using the Sewanee wireless network?

Wireless printing will be available in select areas.  For more information about the availability of wireless printing in a given area, please contact the support staff working within that particular wireless access zone or contact Helpdesk at x-1369.


What do I need to begin using wireless?

To connect to the wireless network, you will need a computer equipped with an 802.11b/g/n (also known as "Wi-Fi") wireless adaptor.  Most laptop computers purchased in the last several years have this built-in.



Can anybody connect to Sewanee wireless networks?



Do I need authentication?



How do I know if I'm connected?

On a PC you can check your network connectivity status by looking at the Status and Activity indicators on the wireless PC Card Antenna. The Status light will blink when a connection is made. The Activity light will blink when data is transmitted. On a Mac you can check the Airport indicator in the upper right-hand portion of the status bar across the top of the screen.

Notes: Valid IP addresses for any Sewanee connection should start with 152.97.xxx.xxx.