Wireless networking allows access to the Sewanee network (and elsewhere
on the Internet) without physically connecting to an Ethernet jack.

Basic Requirements:

To connect to the wireless network, you need a computer equipped with
n 802.11b/g/n (also known as "Wi-Fi") wireless adaptor. Laptop computers
purchased in the last several years have this built-in.

Faculty, Staff, and Student Registration

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Windows users that are unable to connect using the directions above should

click on the link below and go through the auto-configuration program to have 
machine configured for access to Sewanee-Secure. You will need your
email name
and banner password and may also be prompted for the
administrator password
of your machine.



Additional help:

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For students desiring to connect a video game console or other internet
device to the network, you will need to register it at

If you are unsure on how to locate your MAC address, contact the student
help desk
at extension 1020.

Only University approved access points will be allowed to operate within
university buildings. To see a listing of the campus buildings with approved
wireless service, please go to



Faculty and staff should contact the Helpdesk at x1369.

Email: helpdesk@sewanee.edu

Website: whd.sewanee.edu

Students should contact a Student Technology Assistant at x1020.


How to check for connectivity:

On a PC you can check your network connectivity status by looking at the
Status and Activity
indicators on the wireless PC Card Antenna. The Status
light will blink when a connection
is made. The Activity light will blink when
data is transmitted. On a Mac you can check
the Airport indicator in the upper
right-hand portion of the status bar across the top of the screen.

Notes: Valid IP addresses for any Sewanee connection should start with

Class registration for students:

It is recommended to always use a wired connection when registering
for classes!

Guest Registration

To obtain help if you are experiencing difficulty connecting contact the


Email: helpdesk@sewanee.edu

Website: whd.sewanee.edu

Phone: 931-598-1369